Fair Trade Way

Walk or cycle round Monmouthshire via the four Fairtrade Towns.

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Chepstow to Monmouth Use the Wye Valley Walk or the
Offa’s Dyke Path.
Plenty of accommodation in the Wye Valley.
Approx 15 miles
Monmouth to
The Offa’s Dyke Path to Llanvetherine.
Use footpaths going west to join the Beacons Way into
Approx  5 miles
Abergavenny to
The  Usk Valley Walk to Usk. Approx 15 miles

Usk to Chepstow
The Usk Valley Walk to Llantrisant.
Lots of existing footpaths and minor roads go via
Earlswood and Shirenewton to Chepstow.
Approx 3 miles.
Approx 10 miles

Information on Fairtrade provision in the Monmouthshire county towns can be found at:
Abergavenny Fair Trade Forum
Monmouth Fair Trade Forum
Chepstow Fair Trade Forum

More information on the routes and Fairtrade provision between the towns will be posted on this web site.
Also, information will be provided on cycling round the Monmouthshire Fairtrade Way.