Abergavenny Fairtrade Forum

Abergavenny Fair Trade at the Abergavenny Food Festival.

The Forum was established in February 2006 to work towards gaining Fairtrade Town status for Abergavenny, which we achieved in 2007  The Forum is made up of people from the local community and representatives from Oxfam, churches and the County Council. The Forum continues to promote Fairtrade and the sale and use of Fairtrade products by local businesses and organisations.

March 2024, members of Abergavenny Fairtrade Forum gave a short presentation to the People & Communities Committee of the Town Council asking them to reconfirm their support for Fairtrade. At the end of the meeting the Council was presented with a copy of a certificate validating the town’s status.




Abergavenny Food Festival Spring Fair Stall.

Fairtrade Breakfast
Over 50 people attended a Fairtrade Breakfast held in Abergavenny. Guests  enjoyed a buffet breakfast of coffee, tea, cereals, dried fruits, jam and honey from overseas  producers as well as bread, milk, butter and honey from local Welsh producers.

We organise events each year during Fairtrade fortnight at the end of February and Fairtrade fortnight art events at the beginning of March to raise awareness of the issues and encourage more local people to buy and use Fairtrade products.

International trade favours rich countries over the poor.  Many farmers and workers in developing countries who provide us with sugar, cocoa, fruit and coffee for example, do not get their fair share of the benefits of trade and market prices fluctuate widely.  They often work in poor countries with low wages and little job security.

Fairtrade guarantees farmers in developing countries a fair price for their product that covers the price of production, no matter how low the world market price goes.  By buying Fairtrade products we can make a difference to over 5 million farmers, workers and their families.

The Fairtrade logo is a waving person against a background of grass and sky. Look for this Mark on products when you shop. It guarantees the producers have been paid a fair price for their products.

Abergavenny Fair Trade Contacts:

Rebecca Hands:  Chair & Newsletter Editor

Francis Buxton:  Secretary

Mary Morgan: Treasurer, Membership Secretary, & Church Liaison

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