Fair Trade in Chepstow

The aims of our group are:-


Fair Trade Christmas Gifts  2020

‘Christmas is a time of giving and receiving, joy and family. The gifts we buy show our love and care, and with a little thought, can bring joy not only to our loved ones, but also to those who produce the gifts, and to the environment. Buying local is something we all know to do to support local crafts and trades, but some things are made or grown overseas. Please consider buying Fairtrade gifts as well as local this Christmas. Fairtrade produce is sustainable with producers enabled support their families and to care for their environment and so the world we all live in. This in turn brings us joy too as we knowing we are caring for all involved and our world.

In Chepstow you can buy Fairtrade produce from Oxfam, the supermarkets, Toytastik, Chepstow Methodist Fairtrade stall. Are you locked in? You can find lots of Fairtrade on the websites of the above and at Traidcraft, Bala Fairtrade Sports Balls, Ethical Superstore and Shared Earth. Don’t leave it too late as stocks are selling quickly, so have a look at the growing range of Fairtrade produce and choose some life-giving, joy-giving gifts and treats for Christmas. May God help you keep safe, and bring you joy this Christmas.

Monmouthshire Schools 2020

Before Lockdown, members of the Fairtrade County Groups helped to put on the Monmouthshire Fairtrade Conference with guest coffee farmer Jenipher from Uganda. Year 5 pupils from schools across the county came to hear about Fairtrade and the difference it has made to farmers like Jenipher. They learned about other Fairtrade products available here and where to buy them.

On 21st October, members of Chepstow Fairtrade Forum safely visited Undy Primary School to take an assembly of the year 3 and 4 Bubble.  The pupils were shown how Fairtrade works, some of the range of Fairtrade produce available and where to buy them.  They were very attentive and engaged, asking good questions at the end.  Please do get in touch if you would like us to help with bringing Fairtrade to your pupils.

Chepstow Fair Trade Forum sampling Fair Trade Organic Mount Elgon Gumutindo arabica coffee from Uganda. Made exclusively from coffee grown by women!  A member of the cooperative group of farmers growing the coffee was visiting Chepstow as part of Fair Trade Fortnight.

The Monmouthshire Sports Development Team with Chepstow Football Club Coaches and some Fair Trade volunteers. The day was spent with year five pupils from Chepstow Primary Schools who learnt about well-being and life skills including sport. They used Fairtrade footballs for their activities and we were able to talk to them about Fairtrade and why Fairtrade balls are needed.


Chepstow Fair Trade 10th Birthday Tea Party




The new Chepstow Fair Trade Flag

ftchepstowflaggroup    ftchepstowflag

Tanya White, Chair of the Chepstow Fairtrade Forum, presents Tony
Redhead, Mayor of Chepstow, with the certificate of Renewal of Fairtrade
Status for Chepstow, June 2019.



Membership of the Chepstow Forum
Open to any individual or organisation in the area which shares our objectives as listed above. The activities of the Forum are organised by the Steering Group and all members are welcome to join the Steering Group and attend meetings. We take part in and organise local Fairtrade Fortnight events at the end of February and beginning of March each year.

To join the Chepstow Fairtrade Forum please send the following information plus a £5 membership fee to: Tanya White, Rockymead, Coleford Road, Tutshill, Chepstow NP16 7BU.

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Chepstow Fair Trade Forum  Privay Policy

Fair Trade Logo

The Fairtrade logo is a waving person against a background of grass and sky.  Look for this Mark on products when you shop.  It guarantees the producers have been paid a fair price for their products.


Chepstow Businesses Supportive of Fairtrade in 2019

Those that serve Fairtrade to staff:
Chepstow Bookshop
Deacon’s Florist – they occasionally have Fairtrade flowers to sell as well

Serve Fairtrade to customers:
Tiffin – St May’s Street
Greggs – High Street
Coffee #1 – St Mary’s Street
Bright and Beauty – St Mary’s Street (from July)
First Class Café – Station Road
Chepstow Methodist Church Café – Albion Square
The Three Tuns – Bridge Street
Joy’s Gift Shop – Bulwark
Chepstow Racecourse – St Arvans
The White Monk – Tintern
Sell Fairtrade Produce
Chepstow Methodist Church Café – Albion Square
Toytastik – Moor Street
Tesco – Station Road
M&S – Albion Square
Oxfam – Beaufort Square
Tidenham Parish – serve Fairtrade drinks and sell Fairtrade produce
Lidl – Bulwark

Fair Trade Town Logo

Fair Trade Town Logo